Standard Door Sizes

measuring sliding doorIt’s pretty obvious that houses today are built much differently than they were in the past. We now have codes to follow and inspections following every step of the building process to ensure a house built with quality. So it’s no surprise when you walk into an older home that the ceilings seem a little low, and doorways feel a little snug. Luckily these days you won’t have this problem.

New construction homes now have a standard they must meet when it comes to doors and doorways, including closet doors. The standard height for doors is 80 inches or 6 feet, 8 inches tall. This includes hinged doors, sliding doors, folding doors and doorways. The width of standard doors really depends on the purpose of your door.
If you have a small opening you can get a door as narrow as 28 inches but these are not standard for most passageways. A door this small would likely be used for a closet or pantry door. Other widths in interior sliding doors are 30, 32, and 36 inches. For an ADA approved doorway the width must be at least 36 inches wide so a wheelchair has room to fit. Doors with a wider width than these are going to be double doors.

Most all of these doors also come in taller door options. The next size up would be an 8 foot tall door. This is standard for solid or fiberglass doors but might not be available in all glass doors. This is also the case for wider doors. Because a glass door is not as strong as a solid door, manufacturers limit their sizes. It is different for every manufacturer so if you cannot find what you want at one place, keep looking.

A great way to achieve the tall glass door look without having an 8 foot tall door is to add a transom above it. This is the small glass window that you will often see above a patio door or an entry door. These can be made to fit the width of whatever door you choose and come in multiple designs. These can often be found above office doors or french doors leading into a dining room.

Lastly, if you are willing to pay the money, you can have yourself a 10 foot tall door. This size door is a great addition to a house with tall ceilings and grand details. These doors become a statement piece inside a home rather than just a door you walk through. You are much less likely to find glass doors in this height but you can find fiberglass or solid doors.
These are standard door sizes for new construction homes. If you are in need of a door that does not fit the standard sizes listed here, you will likely have to go the custom route. Of course these will raise the cost of your door but you will end up with exactly what you want and need.

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